Training services

We offer a range of informative and engaging training courses on drug-related issues. Our diverse range of clients has led to the development of an equally diverse portfolio of bespoke training courses covering drug awareness training on a variety of drugs including cannabis and New Psychoactive Substances (NPS).

The rise in the availability of NPS or “Legal Highs” as they were previously known and increased availability of "Skunk" type cannabis has led us to develop our "Know the Score" training programme. Specifically aimed at young people this programme can be tailored to specific groups and is primarily aimed at schools as part of the PSHE curriculum at Key Stage 4. It is intended to empower pupils and staff with a knowledge of the effects of the most commonly encountered controlled drugs and the consequences of drug use.

All of our trainers are acknowledged experts in their field with a wealth of experience in training services and practical hands on experience engaged in drug treatment services, enforcement and forensic provision. This wealth of experience is drawn upon to provide audience-specific training that is highly regarded, challenging and stimulating.

We can provide in-house training or delivery can be undertaken in our training suite in the heart of East Devon with easy access to the A30, M5 and local transport networks. Please contact us for more details of our courses or to discuss a specific area of interest.

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