Challenge to Drug Valuation in POCA Case Leads to Significant Reduction

Mar 14, 2017

Benefit Figure in POCA Case reduced from £60,000 to less than £3,000 as we successfully challenge evidence of drug valuations. 

Our evidence in a recent case in the Midlands challenged values attributed to various seizures of heroin, crack cocaine and phenacetin an adulterant commonly found in seizures of cocaine.  The Proceeds of Crime Act is intended to be "draconian" but our experience shows that valuations are often excessive.  Our review highlighted that the valuation adopted for the benefit figure was excessive.  It had not taken into account the level at which the heroin and crack cocaine were being supplied and was based on the "Street Value".  It also included a valuation of the adulterants recovered which were valued on the same basis as the various drugs.  Our evidence led to the benefit figure being reduced from £60,000 to less than £3,000, a significant reduction and highlights the benefit of obtaining a second opinion in such cases.


If you are facing POCA proceedings in a drug-related case then please ask your solicitor or legal team to contact us Drug Valuation Expert

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