Toxicology – Drink/Drug Driving

Our forensic toxicologists have a wealth of experience in assessing cases where impairment is alleged through the use of alcohol or illicit drugs. They have significant expertise in so called ‘back calculations’ to assess alcohol levels at the time of driving.

Mr Porter is an experienced forensic toxicologist and our lead expert in drug and drink driving cases. He holds a Batchelor of Science degree in Physiology with Chemistry and has worked as a forensic scientist (specialising in forensic toxicology) for over thirty years.

Mr Porter is frequently called upon to comment on cases brought under Section 5 of the Road Traffic Act where it is alleged that a driver is driving with excess alcohol. Mr Porter is able to assess intoximeter results and comment upon the findings with due regard for technical defences such as post incident drinking, ‘spiked’ drinks or unwitting consumption of alcohol in other drinks or food.

In drug cases Mr Porter is able to consider toxicology reports and findings with due regard for levels of drugs found and to comment on the levels of drugs (or metabolites) found. Consider the findings and whether consistent with recent consumption and to comment on the properties and effects of the drugs.

As an experienced forensic toxicologist Mr Porter has commented on a wide variety of cases including drug facilitated sexual assaults, murders and suspicious deaths. As a forensic toxicologist Mr Porter frequently provides evidence on the effects of illicit and prescription drugs

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